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5144 Matt Black SWISH Commode

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1. AntiBacterial Crystal Glaze: 1.1 mm thick antibacterial glaze that reduces bacterias from building up in the commode for a hygienic toilet.

2. Hyper Jet Flush: 360 Degree Power of the flush creates a vortex to clean the whole commode and takes the waste away in an instant.

3. WDI V3 Water Fittings: Best quality WDI V3 water fittings durability-tested for 200,000 times on average household lifespan, comes with 10 years of warranty.

4. Air Pressure Technology: Air pressure technology adds more suction power to keep the commode free of waste.

5. Comfort Curve Seat: Curved UF toilet seats that are comfortable, durable, and yellow resistant more importantly healthy for your backbone.

6. Low Water Absorption: Water absorption rate as low as 0.2% so the water cannot stand on the commode.

7. Signature Design: Exclusive limited edition designed for giving you the feeling of supreme luxury.

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