USB Mini Air Humidifier With 7 Color LED

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Ultrasonic USB Mini Atomizing Fragrance Air Purification Humidifier (300ML) In Bangladesh

Humidifier therapy adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause irritation in many parts of the body. Humidifiers can be particularly effective for treating dryness of the skin, nose, throat, and lips. They can also ease some of the symptoms caused by the flu or common cold.

However, overusing humidifiers can potentially worsen respiratory problems. It’s important to know how to use them correctly.

Humidity acts as a natural moisturizing agent that can relieve dryness. For this reason, humidifiers are often used for relieving:

  • dry skin
  • sinus congestion/headache
  • dry throat
  • nose irritation
  • bloody noses
  • irritated vocal cords
  • dry cough
  • cracked lips

You may be prone to these discomforts when the air in your home is dry. This is especially common during winter months or when an air conditioner is being used during the summer.


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