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BD Litchi Drinks 160ml

Brand: BD Food | Availability: In Stock



Product Details:

  • Product Type: BD Litchi Drinks
  • Product Brand: BD FOOD
  • Net Weight: 160ml
  • Pure & Fresh juice
  • Natural Ingredients used
  • Per Carton: 72 Piece
  • Per Piece Price: 8

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BD FOOD Fruit Drinks is a beverage produced from best litchi sources using hot filling and aseptic manufacturing process to provide a healthy drink option. It provides freshness of natural goodness & keeps moment happy.

BD Foods Ltd is a leading Bangladeshi agricultural food producing company offering healthy, nutritious and hygienic products. Our motto is ‘BD FOOD – GOOD FOOD’. We offer premium quality snacks, spices, pickles, chutneys, sauces, aromatic rice, and mustard oil among other culinary items. We are committed to harnessing the best agro-based resources of Bangladesh from genuine growers at a fair price.

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