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BR 28 Rice Jute Pack (25 kg)

Brand: Nabanno | Availability: Out of stock

Product SKU: NBR28R25KG


Product Type:  Nabanno BR 28 (25 kg)

Pack Type: Jute Sack

Brand: Nabanno

Weight: 25 Kg.

Good Quality Rice.

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Product Name: High-quality Nabanno BR 28 Rice (25 kg)

Product Type:  Nabanno BR 28

Pack Type: Jute Sack

Brand: Nabanno

Weight: 25 Kg.

Good Quality Rice.

It is one of the indigenous, traditional aromatic rice of Bangladesh. The grain is slightly fattier than Kalijira, Tulshimala, and Chinigura rice.

Though traditionally it is used for special occasions and religious ceremonies, it can be enjoyed as everyday steamed rice.

It is also used for sweet rice pudding or desserts.

Ispahani BR 28 Rice 25 kg, Poly Bag is one of the best rice in Bangladesh.

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Product Reviews

By Joyan ali | 1 month ago

The rice shots are really good quality. Many thanks to the company for providing good quality rice at affordable prices. Recommended

By Anik Mukharjee | 1 month ago

Hemayetpur / Arjent para /ward-8 / savar

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