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Hofel Sanitary Napkin Pad | Mugwort Essence 10Pcs

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  • Treatment of irregular menses.
  • Use instruction: Please put it in a normal temperature and moistureproof place.
  • need to avoid direct sunshine

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Hofel Hofel Sanitary Napkin Pad
  • Magic factors have an extremely strong absorb capacity, make you feel free and relax. 0.1cm extremely thin design,
  • you even can not feel it! 3D leakage prevention system and widen leak-proof edges ensure non-leakage.
  • Input medicine essence of Chinese mugwort has the treatment effect of irregular menses.
  • Innovative breathing membrane, your skin can breathe freely all day. ES purified cotton surface, the most healthy and comfortable.
  • Disposal instruction: Please put it into a trashcan after using, don't drop it into the toilet directly
  • Warning: Please keep the product away from babies and children in order to avoid suffocation.

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By woadi brand | 4 weeks ago

I have been using Hofel Mugwort Essence for quite a while now and am glad to have come across it. The pads are really light, soft, and rash-free, it's doesn't feel like I am wearing one. Firstly, really appreciate the way they have assorted in accordance to the flow, Secondly, they offer great absorption so I really don't worry about spotting on my heavy flow days.

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