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As an elegant touch of color, Huawei Honor Band 5i is available in coral pink, olive green and meteorite black. The 0.96 “color touch screen offers you with stunning visual experience, engaging interface and smart message notification

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Youthful design meets ergonomic comfort

Every single side of you

Express giving your device as much personality as you have. Huawei watch face store offers various watch faces in different sports, cartoon, intelligence and hi-tech styles for your selection. The style changes with your mood.

Easy loading, longer use

Free you from different cables and chargers. The huawei honor band 5i’s built-in usb plug fits into general usb chargers so you can charge it anywhere and anytime. A single charge feeds the band with more than 6 days of use.

Smart Heart Rate Tracking

Thanks to professional optical devices, processing chips and ia algorithm, the huawei truseentm 3.5 accurately monitors your heart rate. It also provides smart reminders through vibrations if your heart rate exceeds your maximum average heart rate. In night mode, invisible light ensures less distraction for your better sleep.

Detect Blood Oxygen Supply

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important features of life, which may reflect the body’s oxygen supply. If the blood oxygen level is low, it is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, memory loss. Long-term digeciency of oxygen in the blood damages the brain, heart and other organs. Excessive mental workers, elderly or fan population, people in alpine or plateau anoxic environment and crowd snoring should be more concerned.

Take care of you better sleep

Healthy sleep is the foundation for a healthy life. HUAWEI TruSleep ™ 2.0 tracks your heart rate during sleep to recognize all four phases and analyze sleep quality. More than identifying 6 types of sleep problems, it also provide suggestions to help you enjoy better sleep.

Stay Active Stay Active

Outdoor / indoor run, outdoor / indoor walking, outdoor / indoor cycle, elliptical, rower, free training. Conveniently choose exercises in nine ways and keep up with your workouts. Huawei honor band 5i provides detailed data results like heart rate, heart rate zone, steps, distance, speed, calories and more. So you can adjust for better exercise or training.

Life assistant on your wrist

Notifications of any messages or phone calls, find my phone, remote shutter, music control, all with a flick of a finger on the wrist. Live an efficient life with Huawei Honor Band 5i.


  • Brand: Huawei
  • Model: 5i
  • Bluetooth Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • MATERIAL Cover: Plastic
  • Bracelet: Silicone Rubber Bracelet
  • Water Resistance: 5atm
  • Button Control: Full Screen Touch + Home Key

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