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Ispahani Mirzapore Best Loose Leaf 200gm

Brand: Ispahani | Availability: In Stock



Product Details:

Product Name: Ispahani Mirzapore Best Leaf 200gm

Product Type: Mirzapor Best Loose leaf 

Capacity: 200gm 

Brand: Ispahani 

Can be served to friends and home guests 

Very refreshing tea

Produced by blending the BEST tea leaves of the finest tea gardens in Bangladesh.

It comes to you in the most modern packing.

Designed to protect its excellent aroma and taste.

It provides a charismatic taste, lovely liquor, and sensational aroma.

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About Product:

Ispahani Mirzapore Best Loose Leaf 200gm

Ispahani provides great quality tea for the whole family. Ispahani tea promises to great quality tea full of aroma, with a value-for-money positioning that allows people from all lifestyles to enjoy the tea to the fullest.

Tea leaves are a natural source of goodness. Ispahani Mirzapore Best Leaf Tea is a very special blend made from tea leaves of the garden of a Bangladesh. Ispahani zareen premium tea is a blend of cheer and refresher.

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