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Men's Navy Casual Corduroy Shirts

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Product SKU: BRS-CT05
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"📋Size Details Shirt

 M - (Chest - 40"", Length - 28.5"")

 L - (Chest - 42"" , Length - 29.5"")

 XL - (Chest - 44"" , Length - 30.5"")"

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  • Full Sleeve Corduroy Shirt for Men - BRS-CT05.
  • Product Type: Shirt.
  • Fabrics: Corduroy.
  • Stitched and Flexible.
  • Size: M, L, XL.
  • Measurement (In Inch): M (Chest 40", Length 28.5"), L (Chest 42", Length 29.5"), XL (Chest 44", Length 30.5").
  • Fashionable and trendy.
  • Comfortable to wear in any season.
  • Color: Navy.
  • Disclaimer: Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

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  • Home delivery is available all over Bangladesh.
  • Please check and receive the product at home delivery. No complaint will be accepted after the delivery boy comes back.
  • You can check, wear and then pay.
  • If you do not like the product or have a problem, please return it to the delivery boy. If you have received it from the courier, book it at our address by courier and take the booking memo picture and inbox. We will refund the booking money.
  • In Sundarbans, SA Paribahan and Karatoya Paribahan you can’t check before receipt. However, you can check or return or change.
  • In Dhaka you can return at the time of delivery without delivery cost.
  • Delivery cost outside Dhaka must be paid in advance.
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  • Delivery cost will not be refunded for non-receipt / check of product outside Dhaka.
  • We have our own delivery service in Dhaka so partial delivery is possible.
  • If courier outside Dhaka supports partial delivery, then parcel delivery is also possible outside Dhaka.
  • The company will bear the exchange / return cost of the whole country including Dhaka but if the customer makes a mistake, the customer will bear it.
  • Return product amount / money is paid on Monday and Thursday.
  • If you have a complaint about the service or product, call us directly and complain. Insha Allah you will get the solution within 72 hours.
  • Each product has fabric details written on it. Please read carefully and order or call us to find out.
  • The cash back offer only applies to pre-paid orders.
  • The customer will pay the COD charge along with the product in SA transport. (As per SA Transport COD rules).

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