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365NM Bionic Violet Wave, Through Human Bionic Technology, Increases Temptation on Mosquitoes; Wide angle, surround entrapment, large air pressure boost, wider range capture

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Material: abs
Size: 19 x 13 cm/7.48 x 5.12 inch
Rated voltage: 5v
Rated power: 5w
How to use:
(1) Place the mosquito killer in an open space 0.8-1.2 m above the ground.
(2) People should not be close to the machine, because people are more attracted to mosquitoes than machines.
(3) When the machine is working, turn off other light sources in the room, the darker the light, the better.
(4) Please do not put the mosquito killer in the air outlet or the position where the fan is blown. Because the mosquito is attracted by the LED light, it will be inhaled by the fan when it is close to the machine. If the airflow changes, the mosquito may not be able to inhale, which will affect the effect.
(5) Mosquito killer is different from chemical mosquito repellent products such as mosquito coils. Please turn on the machine a few hours before going to bed.
(6) Do not open the window when using the mosquito killer. It is recommended to install the screen window. This will prevent outdoor mosquitoes from coming in again after the indoor mosquitoes have been captured.

The pressure inside the lamp fan sucks mosquitoes into a sealed box, trapping mosquitoes, and finally drying out; and a unique funnel mesh between the box and fan, effectively prevents mosquitoes fly away once trapped trapped inside
No chemicals, no radiation, very low noise, safe for children and animals, healthier than conventional chemical pesticides or electric zapper killer
Perfect for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, Yoga centers, hospitals, cars
LED energy-saving lamps emit light, low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving, a nice alternative for green living

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