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NOAH Nonstick Cookware Full Set - Olive

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  • Product: Cookware Full Set
  • Milk pot: 18.5cm
  • Kadhai: 22.5cm
  • Frypan: 24.5cm
  • Casserole: 24.5cm
  • 3 pieces glass lid
  • Food grade quality

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Get this complete set that meets all your cooking needs in the kitchen. We use high-quality non-stick coating from Greblon, Germany to reduce the oil used for cooking and make your food more healthy. The non-stick coating is firmly locked into the base for long-lasting durability. The heavy bakelite handle used in the product does not heat up easily. The exterior paint is high heat resistant. NOAH Group is one of Bangladesh's oldest and most respected business conglomerates in the Cookware and kitchen appliances sector. We take pride in the quality of our cookware.

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