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Premium Chapa Shutki (Small Size) | 1Kg

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  1. উৎপাদক বিখ্যাত নান্দাইল এর হাসু।

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  1. Directly collected from Kishoreganj & Mymensingh
  2. Very renowned all over Bangladesh
  3. JahanFood Dry Fishes are fresh and healthy
  4. Fishes are properly cleaned before drying
  5. Highly enriched with protein (60% -65%)
  6. Low fat – great for health (5% to 8%)
  7. High quantity of healthy minerals
  8. No acidity after consumption, safe for all
  9. Free from preservatives and insecticides
  10. উৎপাদক বিখ্যাত নান্দাইল এর হাসু।
Chepa shutki is a semi-dry traditional ferment fish. It is also said Chapa dry fish. Usually, dry fish is dried under direct sunlight, but Chepa Shutki is made with a semi fermentation process. It is origin from the Mymensingh district, but Chepa Shutki from Kishoreganj of Bangladesh is very renowned all over Bangladesh. 100% Chemical & DDT free Chepa Shuti is brought to you by Woadi – directly from Kishoreganj & Mymensingh
. You can enjoy fresh Chapa Dry Fish with the highest purity and supreme taste of the fish from Jahan Food.
In Bangladesh, individuals devour chepa shutki for its trademark taste and flavor. Indigenous semi-aged nourishments are local to a nation or culture.
They are significant for various reasons, for example,
  1. They are significant in the nourishment for poor people and monetarily denied individuals.
  2. They are commonly elaborate ease preparing strategy

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