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  • Panoramic Vision
    This smart camera from realme uses dual motors for effective rotation in all directions for a panoramic view of everything around. Oh, and this rotation is quiet so you don’t have to worry about being disturbed. The edge distortion correction algorithm will ensure that the picture comes out more naturally.

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Realme 360° 1080p Wifi Smart Security Camera

  • Infrared Night Vision
    The built-in 940 nm infrared illuminator will show a clearer picture, even during the night. Oh, and it doesn’t emit any visible light, thereby avoiding alerting the intruders.
  • AI Motion Detection Monitor
    You’ll get an alert instantly when the camera detects any anomalies. The camera can detect anomalies in three ways: voice, human body, and motion. Once it records the disturbance, it will send you a notification to your phone with the help of the realme Link application.
  • Real-time Motion Tracking
    This camera features real-time motion tracking which means that it will recognize a moving object and track the object in real-time.
  • Voice Talkback
    No matter where you are, you can keep an eye of your loved ones, as this camera supports two-way audio in real-time.
  • Storage
    This camera allows MicroSD card expansion (up to 128 GB). So, it can record videos in 1080p continuously for 14 days [MicroSD card to be purchased separately].
  • Privacy Protection
    It features an anti-sight switch and it can also be set to hibernate from your phone. The memory card is encrypted, so you can view and download the recordings from the realme Link application.
  • Full Color in Low Light
    The Full Color in Low Light feature ensures that the colours are retained in the video, even during low light situations.
  • In-built Wi-Fi Extender
    This camera comes with a Wi-Fi relay so each camera (if you’re using multiple cameras) can be used a Wi-Fi extender for stable network connectivity.
  • Two Types of Installation
    This security camera can be set-up in two different ways – inverted or upright.
  • Link App
    The realme Link App will help you control the camera seamlessly without any hassle.

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