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Surf Excel Washing Powder | 500gm

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1. Tough Stain Removal with just one product
2. Bangladesh’s premium detergent powder
3. combines the power of lemon & bleach to make it a perfect wash.
4. For Hand-wash – Use 2 scoops of Surf excel
5. For Machine-wash – Use 3 scoops of Surf excel
6. Net Weight: 500gm

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  • Great cleaning and multiple stain removal
  • Removes many tough stains in half the time
  • Comes with X-tra clean particles that make for the perfect wash
  • Removes various tough stains such as chocolate, oil, rasam, curry, soup, ketchup and beverages
  • tested under lab condition on selected fabrics vs ordinary detergent ^power refer to cleaning benefits
  • Tough stain removal with just 1 product Combines the power of stain removing products such as lemon and bleach
  • Surf Excel Easywash has Fast Action Formula which dissolves in just a few seconds and works instantly to remove various tough stains such as chocolate, oil, rasam, curry, soup, ketchup, and beverages. Moreover, now removing stains will take Half the time [50% less]. Get modern Surf Excel Easywash and spend more time with your children

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