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SWISH Push Shower | BSP 440G

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NewArrival Push Shower

Core Features of the Triple Layer Hose

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Core Features of the Triple Layer Hose:

304 Stainless Steel Body: Made with 304 Stainless steel for the longevity of the connection hose.

Triple-layer Hose: The hose is triple-layered with the main hose covered with a nylon coating and then with 304 food-grade stainless steel, making it capable of taking much more pressure without bending.

Core features of the Push Shower:

Classic Controller: The classic long push handle is very comfortable for the user. Gold Radiant Finish: The gold radiant finish on the body makes it even more attractive.

Dual Spray Mode: Choose between the Jet & Rain spray mode according to your need.

Anti Lime-scale: Cloggings caused by limescale buildup are prevented.

Ultra-long Lifespan: The inner water guide system ensures the push shower gets an ultra-long lifespan of 200,000+ times of use.

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