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Synthetic Leather and Waterproof Bike Documents Holder for Bikers

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  • Artificial Leather Waterproof Bike Documents Pouch Bag
  • Included Mobile Cover
  • Water Resistant's
  • Anti Dust Proof
  • 5 inch X 3.5 inch
  • Card Holder Free

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• We seek to design the best possible solutions for holding bike documents & mobile. We understand our users’ needs and provides the right features and benefits for them to enjoy their rides.

• Our design team carefully analyses each part of the pouch to define better performance for the longest use.

• We use the best materials to minimize weight. Lightweight leather, buckles, and accessories also help to keep weight down & make it handy.

• When your active lifestyle takes you to wet destinations, bring along the pouch to keep your documents & mobile dry & dust-free.

Carrying SystemsDepending on size and area of use, you can carry in your pocket or backpack.

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