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Vim Dishwashing Bar-300gm(24 piece combo)

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Vim bar has the capability to clean grease very quickly. Without much effort, tough stains can be removed very easily. It gives a good cleaning experience with its lemon fragrance. A single vim bar will last a very long time, as you don’t need to add too much vim bar to your scrubber to clean your dishes. These bars can be used to clean all kinds of dishes, starting from a simple plastic spoon to an extremely stained pressure cooker. Vim bars don’t get soggy that easily because it contains a unique patented plastic coating at the bottom of the bar.

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1. Net Weight: 300gm.
2. Vim Bar has the power of 100 lemons
3. Cleans tough grease quickly
4. Removes stains easily.
5. Gives you a pleasant refreshing lemon fragrance.
6. Tough on stains, gentle on your hands.

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