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Xiaomi Mi Power Strip Package 3 Sockets / 3 USB Ports

Smart power adapter — as a work of art.

3 USB ports, supports voltage 2A, three-tier security.

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A work of art makes your life easier
The extension is always there in every home, and often more than one, but not all are satisfied. Constantly confronted with their shortcomings, we started thinking about how to improve them. For comfortable use, we modeled a power strip with 3 USB ports, as the number of gadgets in everyday life increases a problem with them charging. In addition, to ensure that our devices are of the appearance of other accessories for the house, we carefully studied design. All items are a made-to-order extension of high-quality materials. The occupied area, compared with conventional extenders, less than 50%, a three-level security enabled. Simple, elegant, and compact — all this is done not only in order to enable you to discreetly hide under the table, but also to use as a desktop accessory. Improving the appearance of the extension course can not “turn the world upside down”, but it can greatly simplify your life.​

Anti-overload: When the current exceeds the limit, It will automatically cut off the power to prevent overload, can be manually restored, convenient and safe (reusable, alternative fuse).
Flame retardant: High-quality flame-retardant materials, in line with national standards. Effectively prevent fire hazards.
3 USB charging ports, can simultaneously charge 3 digital devices. 3 combination power units, each plugin line with national standard 3 flat plugs, 2 GB flat plug, German standard 4.8mm diameter 2 round plug. Made with a selection of high-quality copper.


  • Brand Xiaomi
  • Model XMCXB04QM
  • Single output 5VDC Max. 2.1A
  • Socket Output 16 A 230 V – 50/60 Hz Max. 3680W
  • Strip Dimensions 268 x 50 x 38 mm
  • Length of cable 1.4 m
  • Net Weight 443g (including cable)
  • USB Output Total output – 5VDC Max. 3.1A;
  • Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Power Strip

With the built-in automatic charge recognition chip, It supports the vast majority of products in the market with 5V fast charging such as mi products, Apple ipad, Samsung Tablet and others.
1. Total power of the connected electrical equipment shall not exceed the rated power.
2, Never run a cord under a rug. It prevents the cord from releasing its heat and could lead to a fire.
3, Poor front-end grounding or non-standard grounding can become dangerous.
4, Can not be used in humid environments.
5, Prohibit unauthorized removal of the back cover.
6, keep away from fire, open flame, or other sources of heat.
7. Children should not use this product alone without any adult supervision.
8, This product does not have a lightning protection function, it is recommended to turn off the power supply in the lightning environment.
Do not use any conductor or other tool to test the opening of the protective door when the product is plugged in.
Non-professionals should not open, modify, repair this product.
1, When the product is overloaded due to overload, and the load current exceeds 10A, the overload protection switch will disconnect the power, after troubleshooting, press the switch to recover in normal use.
2, When any malfunctioning USB interface product with a short circuit, overload, and other reason is connected to the board it will go into the protection mode, will not be able to charge properly, remove the faulty device, and it will be automatically restored to normal mode.
* The internal structure of the device may vary due to the different product batches, there may be small a difference in the actual structure, circuit, and pictures.

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